Gynecological Aesthetics

Genitals Redesign with Laser Surgery and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments
Gynecological Aesthetics
What is it and what are its uses?

Gynecological Aesthetics is a branch of Gynecology that is responsible for improving the anatomy and functionality of the genital area. Today, it is also part of aesthetic and antiaging medicine. The main purpose of this science is to provide patients with different treatment alternatives to help them have more functional genitalia and make them feel more comfortable and more self-confident.

Some women have genitalia with particular characteristics, very thin major lips, very abundant pubis, very long minor lips, which protrude from the major lips, and sometimes it is annoying to wear tight clothing or bathing suits, very elastic and noisy vaginas during sexual intercourse. very large vaginas, especially after childbirth, or very narrow vaginas, that is, many conditions in our genital area that we might not like, or even make us feel bad or insecure in our privacy. For all this there is Gynecological Aesthetics, to help you have the genital design you want and to improve your sexuality and your gynecological functional area.

Gynecological Aesthetic Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma

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We are pioneers in the world in the realization of this technique, which consists of placing platelet growth factors within your ovaries to stimulate oogenesis (ovulation) in those women with resistance or ovarian aging, in addition, we manage to awaken hormonal synthesis by improving vascularization of your ovaries, so the symptoms of peri and menopause become imperceptible. Ovarian Rejuvenation is an outpatient procedure, the recovery is immediate as well as its effects. “Dare to wake up ovulation after menopause.”

The term Vaginal Rejuvenation is something that was previously impossible to conceive, it was thought that the organs, and especially the vagina, after a certain age, went to a non-reverse plane. Today, there is much talk about finding a way not to age, or to delay aging, and precisely, vaginal rejuvenation is something that has been done with excellent results.

The scope of all these methods goes beyond the purely cosmetic aspects, since the woman, when losing her normal hormonal production falls into the so-called genitourinary syndrome, which predisposes her to pathologies, to have pain during sexual intercourse to be more prone to infection, all of this can be avoided thanks to vaginal rejuvenation therapies.

The vaginal rejuvenation procedure consists of the application of Platelet Rich plasma in the vagina. This has a very beneficial effect, since its fundamental role is to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels, the synthesis of elastin and collagen to improve the hydration of the vagina and the elasticity of its walls, making it soft, more hydrated and improving tone. of your muscles.

This procedure is also used in those patients with hormonal depravity secondary to treatments with GNRH analogs such as Luprón for example, where menstruation has been suspended and they have great problems of vaginal dryness. Another group is made up of patients who are already in the peri- or post-menopausal phase, patients with vaginal dryness and pain during sexual intercourse, patients with inelastic and narrow vaginas, among others.

It is a totally outpatient procedure, with almost no contralateral effects and with immediate results.

Trophic lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. Characterized by the presence of atrophic white papules or plaques; Its origin is unknown, it fundamentally affects post-menopausal women, and it can be seen in 1 out of every 300 to 1000 individuals.

There may be extragenital lesions, but most are seen on the genitals. They are characterized because they are very itchy, the skin is seen with white and sometimes red spots, and it produces many uncomfortable scars.

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma and Growth Factors has proven to be an excellent treatment option for these patients, achieving in many cases a total cure of the disease.

The healing process is different in each patient, it is assumed that the body should be able to regenerate the elastin and collagen fibers necessary to produce a prompt and effective healing. However, there are patients in whom it does not occur in this way, there are scars of raised surfaces and somewhat dark “hypertrophic scars”, and in the worst case, scars that come out of the edges of the surgery, are made every larger and larger, completely deforming the operative area, the latter are called “keloids”. Both scars are produced by a stopped increase in collagen synthesis, it has been seen that the RNA that encodes its synthesis signal acts in an uncontrolled way in response to a factor present in scar tissue known as Transforming Growth Factor Beta ( TGF) -B.

It has been shown that in the case of hypertrophic scars, Platelet Rich Plasma and Growth Factors modulate the action of RNA that encodes the exaggerated synthesis of collagen, and in this way hypertrophic scars disappear; Previously, they were not used in keloid scars, I know that it was thought that more Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF) -B would be produced, which would worsen keloids, but in recent years, several theses have been presented where it has been applied PRP and FC in burned patients and with keloid scars, observing frank improvement of the same, because, the growth factors seem to modulate the ideal production of the same in each tissue according to its need. If they are missing, they activate them and if they are left over, they stop them. We can also apply it to those scars that have little elasticity, such as episiotomy folds or fistulas.

The foundation of the application of Plasma Rich in Platelets and Growth Factors, in this type of patients, is to activate the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers, increase the vascularization or irrigation of the area, stimulate the glands to increase the production and secretion of mucus at the vaginal level, and in this way achieve very favorable results in all these patients. It is a totally outpatient procedure with excellent results almost immediately.

Genital Laser Design

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Laser vaginal tightening is a gynecological aesthetic treatment that consists of using the laser inside your vagina to reduce the vaginal canal by applying heat. This technique stimulates the collagen and elastin fibers that tighten the vagina to make it healthier.

Laser vaginal tightening has managed to improve the quality of life of many women who enjoy this technique, since it does not require hospitalization, it is easy to perform and does not require rest, and the results can be seen immediately at home.

Our therapy is combined with the application of Platelet Rich Plasma (prp), to in turn stimulate the formation of new blood vessels; In this way, combining both therapies we obtain better results.

Laser vaginal tightening is recommended in the trophism of the vaginal mucosa or in the cases of women who suffer from irritation and itching due to a decrease in hormones. It is an office procedure that lasts a few minutes and its effect is approximately 6 to 8 months, requiring 2 to 3 sessions as the case may be.

Laser vaginoplasty is a procedure that consists of strengthening the muscles and the back wall of the vagina, to give it more elasticity and allow it to stop being so flaccid. The procedure is performed with the local application of heat emitted by laser, it is quite safe and it is not painful.

Laser vaginoplasty is indicated in multiparous women, or with very large babies, who during sexual intercourse feel that there is no friction, and that their sensitivity is decreased. With this technique, it is possible to recover vaginal tone and consistency; and the recovery is only about four to five hours, and the sexual life can be recovered in just six weeks.

This gynecological aesthetic treatment is applied in the office, it does not require anesthesia or special preparation, it is always recommended that before performing the procedure, you have a gynecological control, your recent cytology and be sure that you do not have any active infectious process.

Laser vaginoplasty is not an invasive procedure, that is, it does not deserve to cause a wound in your vagina, but some patients, especially menopausal women who suffer from a lot of dryness, may feel somewhat irritated after the procedure, the idea is that you, enjoy the fantastic results of this procedure as soon as possible. All this should be complemented with the pelvic floor exercises that will be recommended once your therapy is finished, in this way you will be sure that the results will be even better and more lasting over time.

The tissue that goes from the entrance of the vagina to the anus is called the Perineum. Age in women, due to the drop in estrogen, causes the production of collagen and elastin to decrease in that area, in addition to this, multiple births and episiotomies can alter the structure of that particular area; giving it a flaccid appearance and of little comfort for the patients. This loss of collagen and elastin fibers results in functional problems and discomfort when having sex.

We can correct all this with the use of the laser with a recovery practically immediately, achieving, not only removing the redundant folds, but also tightening the muscles in the area.

The female area located above the pubis and below the abdomen is called the Mount of Venus. It is composed of fatty and soft tissue and nerve endings, making it a sensitive area for women.

In some women, this area is quite prominent due to the accumulation of fat, many times, we even see patients after the dermo or abdominal lipo that are left with a certain dimorphism because this area was not worked. It can be quite uncomfortable when it comes to wearing tight clothes or bathing suits.

The liposuction of the Mount of Venus is a gynecological aesthetic treatment, which consists of sucking the excess fatty tissue from that area, and giving the most aesthetic tint possible to the woman.

Over the years, the natural loss of collagen fibers in this area, the excessive loss of weight secondary to diets or after gastric bypass or even due to the mere fact of performing many depilations with chemical products, the volume of your major lips can be drastically diminished, or lost entirely. We can recover that condition with the placement of fat from your own body combined with Plasma gel, the latter manufactured by obtaining your platelets and in a matter of minutes you will have the desired turgor and shape on your major lips.

The lip lift is a gynecological aesthetic treatment that allows to tighten the skin of the same. We apply this procedure in those patients who have very redundant lips, and this technique can even be combined with the application of filler based on body fat and plasma gel.

This gynecological aesthetic treatment consists of taking the size of the minor lips to a measurement of no more than 3 cm, in such a way that they are located inside the labia majora and do not protrude.

In some women with this anatomical variety, where the minor lips protrude from major lips, there is a lot of discomfort when sitting down, when wearing tight clothing; it is uncomfortable even to wear bathing suits and in most cases, it causes them a lot of insecurity in privacy.

By performing laser reduction labiaplasty you will be able to obtain the desired aesthetic result and with an almost immediate recovery.

A high percentage of women, approximately 48%, have a very redundant clitoral hood. This skin, or foreskin of the clitoris, being very exaggerated, reduces the woman’s sensitivity during sexual intercourse due to the difficult access to it, which translates into great difficulty in reaching an orgasm, in addition to making it difficult to properly clean the area , which predisposes them to more diseases of the genital area.

With the gynecological aesthetic treatment of clitoral plasty, it is possible to obtain an adequate size of the hood of the clitoris, make the woman feel more aesthetically satisfied and achieve that her sexual life is fuller.

Hymenoplasty consists of a surgical procedure whose purpose is the reconstruction of the hymen. It is a totally outpatient procedure that takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

The purpose of Hymenoplasty is to recover the hymen, which is a fleshy ring-shaped membrane located at the entrance to the vagina.